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May 6, 2008 at 8:50 pm (MCY) ()

I know I haven’t updated in a while.  🙂  I’ve been completely busy with school, work, and ravelry.  You can find me there as flaknitter.  🙂

While on Ravelry, I’ve been introduced to the MCY scandal by a knitter I’ve met at my Friday knit night.  Right now, the thread is over 10,000 posts long, and shows no signs of slowing down.  For those who have not heard, here’s the gist:

MCY was doing great for a while, then for whatever reason, people received their packages way later than they should have (months), didn’t receive their packages at all, received yarn that was not even close to what was advertised, or the yarn bled (in one case, it bled enough to dye three other skeins of yarn!

When the complaints started pouring in, MCY let customers know that Danielle Glunt, owner and operator of MCY has been suffering with leukemia.  People reported seeing her, doing just fine, after this announcement was made, while Danielle was supposedly in the hospital.  Shortly after this, an email was sent out from a supposed family member, stating that Danielle had died and they were wanting to sell  the leftover yarn to pay their creditors.

Danielle has since answered phone calls, been seen in public, and thus is either a zombie or still very much alive.  I’m voting for very much alive.  Despite this, only two people that I can remember offhand have been refunded money since Danielle died, out of many who are owed money.

Because of this scandal, though I have never purchased MCY yarn, I am putting together something detailing what exactly has happened, a timeline of events, as well as trying to inform people of how to contact the New Mexico Attorney General to try and receive a refund.  If you feel you have been scammed by Danielle, please send me an email at FlaKnitter AT gmail DOT com, and let me know what has happened.  I will forward to you the address for the NM AG, as well as a form you can easily fill out to clearly and concisely complain to the AG.

Right now, people are sending their complaints to the NM AG, and an IC3 investigation has been started.  Any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated in any way with MCY, and have never been a customer.  I am simply trying to organize the facts to get them out easily to the public.  Also, I am not a lawyer and cannot give any legal advice.  All I can do is try and point you in the right direction.  Please refer to a lawyer if you need more advice/legal advice.  Thanks for understanding!

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