January 7, 2008 at 5:06 pm (Uncategorized)

I figured out the pictures thingy, so let’s take a loot at my Christmas knitting, shall we?

First off, my present for my dad.  I always have trouble with my dad.  He doesn’t wear hat, wouldn’t want socks, wouldn’t want a sweater (not that I could afford it, but still),  etc etc.  Even non-knitted gifts are hard to find!  So, I gave him some knitted thingies that you put under your wrists for support while wearing them.  See:

dads-thingy-long.jpg It’s for by the keyboard, and there’s a smaller one for by the mouse.

Next is my mom, who loves anything I give her that I make.  Since she loves purses, she got this one:

moms-sophie.jpg   It’s a sunset-inspired version of Sophie, and was made with yarn I hand dyed.

Kevin, oh Kevin.  He had books and electronics on his list that were so far from my price range it wasn’t funny.  So, since he’s going to be a cop, I started this for him:

kevs-police-tape.jpg Yup.  Knitted police tape.  Unfortunately, I’m not quite done yet, so I’m going to have to mail it to him.  But, I found a book on forensics involving motor vehicles (or something like that) for free at my library, so I picked that up for him.

And of course, now for the most important person!  I got this from my mommy:

yarn.jpg Yup.  Beauty isn’t it?  I think a poncho are the plans for this.  It’s 100% Alpaca, did I mention that?  I love those things.  Now, how to sneak one home…

And these are my present for myself:

one-spiral-sock.jpg  The other one is about 1/3 of the way done.  Then I’ll have knitted my first pair of socks!  Go me!  I can’t wait to finish so I can CO the sock yarn I got from my secret santa.  Yay for me, yay for Ravelry, and yay for having a secret santa!  :-0)

Happy Knitting!


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