Dead lace and Headbands

January 20, 2008 at 12:35 pm (Uncategorized)

I killed my Icarus shawl.  😦  Never, ever, ever leave your bamboo needles where they could get sat on and broken!  But, it’s restarted, and I have gotten about half of the first repeat of chart 1 done.  Since I’ve got Monday off, I’m hoping to catch up with everyone!

In other news, I completed the Panta headband using some superwash wool I was given (no ballband).  I thought I’d hate it the whole time I was knitting it, but I actually think it looks really cool!  Pictured coming as soon as I learn how to take a picture of myself….  🙂

I also went on a yarn crawl yesterday with Peggy and Diane.  So much fun!!!  We started at Fay’s (where I must go Monday to get some yarn for a hat…Peggy convinced me!), then to Really Knit Stuff, where I got 2 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill in turquoise and the pattern for the BSJ.  Last, we went to Wooly Bully, where they were doing a weaving class.  So interesting to watch, but I don’t need another hobby!!  🙂  Didn’t buy anything there, but plan on it when that dreaded paycheck comes in!!

I also found out about a Friday knit night at RKS, so I will be going to that after my knit night at Wooly Bully I think, I love meeting people and knitting, so it should be great fun!!

Happy Knitting!


(PS, leave comments!  lol)

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January 7, 2008 at 5:06 pm (Uncategorized)

I figured out the pictures thingy, so let’s take a loot at my Christmas knitting, shall we?

First off, my present for my dad.  I always have trouble with my dad.  He doesn’t wear hat, wouldn’t want socks, wouldn’t want a sweater (not that I could afford it, but still),  etc etc.  Even non-knitted gifts are hard to find!  So, I gave him some knitted thingies that you put under your wrists for support while wearing them.  See:

dads-thingy-long.jpg It’s for by the keyboard, and there’s a smaller one for by the mouse.

Next is my mom, who loves anything I give her that I make.  Since she loves purses, she got this one:

moms-sophie.jpg   It’s a sunset-inspired version of Sophie, and was made with yarn I hand dyed.

Kevin, oh Kevin.  He had books and electronics on his list that were so far from my price range it wasn’t funny.  So, since he’s going to be a cop, I started this for him:

kevs-police-tape.jpg Yup.  Knitted police tape.  Unfortunately, I’m not quite done yet, so I’m going to have to mail it to him.  But, I found a book on forensics involving motor vehicles (or something like that) for free at my library, so I picked that up for him.

And of course, now for the most important person!  I got this from my mommy:

yarn.jpg Yup.  Beauty isn’t it?  I think a poncho are the plans for this.  It’s 100% Alpaca, did I mention that?  I love those things.  Now, how to sneak one home…

And these are my present for myself:

one-spiral-sock.jpg  The other one is about 1/3 of the way done.  Then I’ll have knitted my first pair of socks!  Go me!  I can’t wait to finish so I can CO the sock yarn I got from my secret santa.  Yay for me, yay for Ravelry, and yay for having a secret santa!  :-0)

Happy Knitting!


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Never say never

January 4, 2008 at 9:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay, well, last week I was at my boyfriends house. I decided to be daring and try that laceweight that I’ve been scared of touching for like a month now. Maybe two months… Anyways, the pattern I was doing wanted you to CO so many sts and k five rows garter st. So, I did that. Row 3 was off. So I ripped. Row 2 was off, so I ripped. Row 5 was off by like 7 sts, so I ripped again and had a beer. I tried a few more times, put the knitting aside, and swore off lace weight forever.

So what did I do tonight? Oh yeah, I CO for the Icarus Shawl from interweave knits. (Scroll way down). Yup, it’s laceweight. And charted. I’ve never doe charts before. **sighs** All because a few other people from my knitting group are doing it. I’m such a copy-cat!

Well, at least it’s going good so far. Actually, it’s going great and I’m getting a little confident….that’s not a good sign. Hopefully the knitting goddess is working with someone else this whole project and just skips over me, but I’m not too sure that’s going to happen. **sigh** At least I’m over my fright!

Happy knitting!


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An After-Christmas Update

January 3, 2008 at 11:27 am (Uncategorized)

I decided to do all knitted presents this year (with the exception of my SO who needed more pairs of socks than I could knit in the time frame…but he’s eventually getting a small afghan, so that’s better, right?)

My mom got a felted purse, which I hand-dyed the colors for. I can’d find blue kool-aid here, so she got red/yellow/orange. I was hoping it would look like the sunset and be something she takes with her to Hawaii… I’m not completely satisfied with how the handles turned out (I’ll make them thicker if I do it again), but otherwise it was a really quick knit–I pretty much got it done Christmas Eve and a little Christmas morning.

My dad got the thingies that you put by the keyboard and mouse to help hold your wrists at the proper place. He had no idea what they were when he opened the package! LOL, but I think he likes them. They’re in the computer room at least. And, he doesn’t know it, but I’m working on a tie for him.

My brother is getting a scarf. Yes, is getting. He’s seen it halfway done and likes it, but I way underestimated the time it would take to make it (my first stranding project, yay!). It’s gonna be so cool when it’s done! He’s gonna be a cop, right? So what better gift from his dear sister than a scarf made to look like crime scene tape? Don’t answer. I liked the idea!

Right now I’m working on my spiral socks that I started before the Christmas knitting. And I’m almost to the toe of the first one. Yay! Then to do the January socks, and then find some nice sock yarn to make my SO a pair of socks. He said he doesn’t see the point in knitting socks, then in the same breath said it was cool that I knit and that he liked how mine were turning out… ? So, I’m not sure where he stands on the knitted socks thing, but I figure if I make him a pair and he hates them, well, I’ll just make them for me! Though if he loves them I may be in for a lot of sock knitting… 🙂

Okay, that’s my little update. More later! (And possibly another free pattern, a scarf that looks like candle flames….gotta get back home and find the book with the stitch pattern though…)

Happy knitting!


ETA Sorry, pics aren’t working.  😦  Gonna have to work on that!

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